The win for our ladies was so close!

RAVC travelled to Tameside Manchester on Saturday, 2nd of March. Despite a four-hours journey RAVC started first set confidently and took an early lead and kept it till around 18-18. Unfortunately series of bad receives allowed Tameside to win first set.

In the second set RAVC girls took more risk on the serve, which unfortunately didn’t pay off. Combined with lack of confidence in receive and smart roll shots from Tameside, which allowed the hosts to take second set.

Although there was a 2-0 lead for Tameside, experienced RAVC took the initiative and showed The opponents that match wasn’t over. RAVC continued dominating with strong and clever serve putting Tameside under pressure. Tameside lost control of the game because of good team spirit, clever hitting from Marcela Bletzer, nr 7 and strong defence allowed triumphing over the youngsters.

In the beginning of the fifth RAVC made a few unforced errors, which harmed their confidence, resulting a convincing win for Tameside.

Match results: 25-19, 25-21, 21-25, 19-25, 15-3. MPV Miriam, nr 11.


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