Time to think about Summer tournaments!

The club will be organising 2 Summer tournaments this Summer. Of the many available we will as usual be attending Ashcombe and Whitefield.

1) Whitefield is in Bristol on 21st and 22nd July. The cost for playing will be about £10 and camping for Friday and Saturday is normally around £12. There are many standards of volleyball available. It is a six-aside tournament with play all day on Saturday and until early afternoon on Sunday. We are using a different approach to entry this year, as last year a lot of time was spent looking for spare players over the weekend due to a shortage of our own players. This is a very popular tournament. Entry is available from 28th April at 8 am, but previous years have seen leagues being fully booked up before 9 am or even earlier! So this is the approach for this year:

Anyone is welcome to attend – BVA, NVL, Junior and casual members, friends and family.

A deposit of £10 is required to reserve your place. This should be paid to Claire by Tuesday 24th April. Please contact me at claire.stent@breathe.com or on 07979692364 if you require bank details.

On entry request please let Claire know whether you would prefer to play mens, ladies, mixed, serious or casual. We cannot guarantee these requests as this year we will be entering teams based on the replies and deposits received.

If you would like to enter as a team you are very welcome, but I will need £10 per person in order to do this, rather than a single comment saying that X team would like to go, as this has resulted in previous years is us being short of players and not being able to cover the costs of the weekend.

It is normally a couple of weeks later that we have to book the camping, so no money will be required for this until a bit later and I will contact everyone to confirm requirements.

If you have any questions on the approach please contact Claire. We look forward to a tournament which is fun for all.

2) Ashcombe is in Dorking on 23rd and 24th June. Junior teams of various ages (U-18, U-16, U-14, U-12, mixed, boys and girls) play on Saturday as well as 4 aside for others. Sunday is a six aside competition. It is also possible to camp on site in Saturday. The cost for this is between £10 and £15 (less for juniors), depending on which day you play. Camping is £10 per person. The entry for this to get preferential entry rates is 31st May, so we have a bit more time and we will follow up again later, but please be thinking whether you would like to go and if so which teams you would like to play. Again there will be a deposit to be paid prior to 31st May to guarantee team entry, amount to be confirmed.

Looking forward to hearing from you all as soon as possible!

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