Games/Tournament before Christmas

Volleyball this week will be Monday at Kendrick and Tuesday at Loddon Valley.

We will only have one court at Loddon but we have it for 3 hours from 7:30-10:30pm and there will be some extra space available to warmup etc.
This session is now open to everyone.
We will probably start playing games with the 1st 12 that turn up and then make other teams with those that turn up later to try to run some sort of tournament.
Please bring some snacks to share as we normally do.
I suggest that those that want to shower stop playing before the end as there won’t be much time after 10:30 before Loddon shuts. You can also stop playing and start the snacks before the end if you want (anytime after 9:30?)! We can do something different with those that are left at the end if necessary.

We will also try to run some sort of tournament/games tonight at Kendrick for those that normally come and anyone else who can’t make Tuesday’s session at Loddon. We’ll hopeufully have Kendrick until 10pm (then pub after for those that can stay?!).

These are the last sessions before Christmas.

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