Indoor training clarification

Reading Aces Volleyball Club is keen to get people playing volleyball again. However the current COVID pandemic has imposed limits on what we can provide and has also meant that some people are unable or unwilling to be involved.

Volleyball England have put forward ways in which volleyball can be played under the current government restrictions (see ) and are doing excellent work to keep this up-to-date as these restrictions are amended. These rules do however mean that what we can provide is restricted (e.g. adult volleyball is limited to groups of no more than 6, so matches can only be 3 versus 3 and even then players may be forced to sit out some of the time to allow for this).

However the Reading Aces Committee are aware that everybody has to take into account their own personal situation. With this in mind, please can you complete the survey below to allow us to gauge what appetite there is within the club for volleyball training for the rest of 2020; it should only take a minute or so to complete.

Note, if we are to have any volleyball, we do need your feedback. We can only afford to provide volleyball if we know what numbers we will be getting and if you fail to respond we can only assume that you are no longer interested.

Also note, If you are planning to play this season, we do need you to complete a membership form, This can be found at the following location:

Please complete and return to Claire Stent (Membership Secretary)

If you have any issues doing so then call Dave Fox on 07470 989634.

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