The Long Awaited Return to Play for our NVL Ladies

Saturday Reading Aces NVL Ladies travelled to Bristol for their first game since March 2020! This was a new look team with only three players playing from prior seasons.

First set began confidently, despite this being the first game for one and a half years. Reality hit with a yellow card before the first serve! The importance of the first set caused us to falter loosing our lead and resulting in a very close finish of 26-24 to Bristol.

The second set was also a close affair however Bristol were more clinical than Reading and won out winning 25-21.

The third set was similar to the first, unfortunately with a bigger lead lost. Again the set ended closely with Reading Aces fighting resiliently. The teams fight was underpinned by a strong performance from the MVP, libero Anastasia Antipina. The final score being 26-24.

Overall the sets were hard fought, with positives across the board. Lessons can be learnt from this game to build consistentcy and ensure that as a team we effectively finish points off.

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