The Committee and other roles

Below the RAVC Committee for the 2020/21. If you have any questions, suggestions, comments or anything else, here’s who to talk to. Obviously we can all help!


Chairman & COVID-19 Officer – Dave Fox
Treasurer – Josh and Lucie Jirásková
Secretary – Natalie Barker
Membership Sec – Claire Stent
Publicity & Communications – Anastasia Antipina
Social Sec – Vacant, please contact us in if you are interested
Junior Development – Dave Fox
Welfare Officer – Karen Versluys, 07803036882,
Coaching Coordinator – Geoff Collier
Summer Tournament Officer: Claire Stent
Ordinary Members – Diane, Kristina

(“Ordinary members” do not have a specific area of responsibility, it doesn’t mean they’re any less special!!)


TEAMS SECRETARIES: Lucie Jirásková (NVL), Claire Stent (BVA Ladies), Geoff Collier (BVA Men), Dave Fox (BVA Juniors)

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