The Committee and other roles

Below the RAVC Committee for the 2018/19 based on the minutes of the AGM held in May 2018. If you have any questions, suggestions, comments or anything else, here’s who to talk to. Obviously we can all help!


Chairman – Dave Fox
Treasurer – Christine Brown (temporary) with assistance if Anete Brivule
Secretary – Natalie Barker
Membership Sec – Anete Brivule
Publicity & Communications – Anastasia Antipina
Social Sec – Vacant, please contact us in if you are interested
Junior Development – Dave Fox
Welfare Officer – Karen Versluys, 07803036882,
Coaching Coordinator – Geoff Collier
Summer Tournament Officer: Claire Stent
Ordinary Members – Diane, Kristina

(“Ordinary members” do not have a specific area of responsibility, it doesn’t mean they’re any less special!!)


TEAMS SECRETARIES: Rachel Steinitz (NVL), Claire Stent (BVA Ladies), Geoff Collier (BVA Men), Dave Fox (BVA Juniors)

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