BVA Mixed Teams

Reading Aces Volleyball Club has 2 Mixed Teams in the Berkshire Volleyball Association: RAVC Mixed 1 and RAVC Mixed 2 playing in the BVA league  Division 1 and Division 2­. 

All matches are triangular matches. The two visiting teams will play each other first; then the home team plays the second visiting team and then the first visiting team. The team not playing officiates that match.

Home games are played at Kendrick School 

Mixed Team 1 Secretary: Carmel

Mixed Team 2 Secretary: Rob

For any inquiries please email us

3 Responses to BVA Mixed Teams

  1. Tom says:

    I was thinking of joining up to a volleyball team. You look a bit good though.


    • Luciano says:

      Hello Tom

      I have just updated the home and training news pages of our website with exact start dates for the indoor activities.

      You can always contact me using email

      If you are new to volleyball I can reccommend to join us on our Mondays actvities at Kendrick School.
      Hope to see you soon playing with us!


  2. sulamatu says:

    i would like to join this volleyball club, but are there teams for 15 year olds ?


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