Results of the weekend of the 25th of March

We were spoilt for so many good games last weekend!

❤️ NVL

If we had to describe our last game in one word, that would be ROLLERCOASTER. What a thrilling game!

Our NVL team went from a bad start to a phenomenal end, having everyone at the edge of their seats during all four sets 🎢

The pressure to win this match and Richmond Volleyball excellent performance caused a number of mistakes and lost of focus in the first set, which our opponents took advantage of to win it.

However, thanks to a series of good attacks in the second set and tough serves in the third set, our NVL ladies came back at 19-22 just in time to reinstate their confidence and win that part and also next, final one.

1⃣ 21:25 2️⃣ 25:22 3️⃣ 26:24 4⃣ 25:19

Aces kept the control, accuracy and consistency which made everyone enjoy top quality volleyball. Their game was clever and strong, a good display of true teamwork! 👏

That same spirit was tangible off court, where they were warmly supported and cheered by family and friends! 🥳

End result: 3-1 to Reading! Please watch highlights here or full video here.

Congratulations to Meg for another MVP!🏅

Unfortunately Ashcombe forfeited their game so Reading Aces won 3-0

1️⃣ 25-0 2️⃣ 22-0 3️⃣ 25-0

🖤 Juniors A

Won both their games in straight 2-0 against Mavericks first and then against South Bucks. Juniors Team A served and defended really well that resulted in a convincing victory.

MVP Erin

❤️ Mixed 2

Reading Aces vs Spikeopaths Mixed 3 —> 0-2
1️⃣ 7-25 2️⃣ 12-25
MVP Alec, nr 79

Reading Aces vs Wycombe Eagles —> 0-2
1️⃣ 13-25 2️⃣ 21-25
MVP Nathan, nr 8

🖤 Mixed 1

Reading Aces vs Spikeopaths Mixed —> 2-1
1️⃣ 18-25 2️⃣ 25-21 3️⃣ 15-8
MVP Erin Chan

Reading Aces vs Basingstoke —> 0-2
1️⃣ 23-25 2️⃣ 18-25
MVP Lana Stent

Congratulations to all! Go Aces! ❤️🖤

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Fixtures weekend of the 25th of March

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Match results weekend of the 18th of March

Many games were played on Sunday featuring three teams.

❤️ Men 1

Our Men 1 team had a challenging weekend facing very strong opposition but the team was all prepared to give their best effort on their final two matches of the season. First game was against Basingstoke Lions. Unfortunately a slow start and gaps in the first pass seemed quite unfortunate for our Men 1 and they lost in straight sets.

1️⃣ 19 – 25 2️⃣ 15 – 25
MVP – Robert Mihajlovic
Despite the loss in the first game, our Men 1 kept their focus and continued to further plan their play strategy agaisnt Maidenhead Braywick.
It was a tough fight from both teams and first set was in favour of Maidenhead 24 – 26. Men 1 worked on their errors proactively with increased communication among the team and won the second set.

The deciding set went in favour of the opponents. Our team had some great show of volleyball skills throughout all the matches and it was a good learning experience for the men which has helped to identify the skills/areas where they have to work for the upcoming sessions.

1️⃣ 24-26 2️⃣ 25-14 3️⃣ 7-15
MVP – Simon Collier

🖤 BVA Ladies

Our BVA ladies team played against Oxford and South Bucks today.

Our first match was against Oxford, some players were adjusting to new positions which was a challenge but some attacks were quick and effective despite that.
Service was good and consistent but our team was a bit scattered with the plays particularly the challenge of getting a good high receive. Unfortunately we lost in straight sets.

Second game against South bucks started well, the calling was more confident and consistent which allowed us to get the ball over and cover was amazing.
The second set we were attacking the ball and being loud which was great to see!

Unfortunately ladies came short in both matches but there’s a lot to take away and improve on for next time Well done BVA ladies!!!

❤️ Men 2

It was also the final match day of the season, Men 2 played against Wycombe Eagle and Farnborough Hawks, who they have played on their first match day.

This time, it is a much better display from Men 2 who to put up a fight to both sides and managed to secure a win.

The first match was against Farnborough Hawks. It’s a tight contest between the two teams in the first set at 12-14 until William put in a round of good serves and Mantas’ blocks gave us the lead to 18-12. Men’s 2 secured the first set at 25-19.

The second set was similarly tightly contested. Nevertheless, even though the team managed to hold it up until 20-25. a round of unforced errors led the men’s 2 conceding the second set.

The deciding set was taken by Men’s 2 15-9. The team performed much better in the final set and Erin as the libero gave Andrei the best chances to set up attacks. The match was won by Men’s 2 by 2:1. MVP was Erin.

The second match was against Wycombe Eagles, who is also one of the contenders for the top spot of the division. The team performed really well and has put in multiple well orchestrated attacks throughout the first game. Despite being even at 21-21, there was some service errors towards the end which succumbed to defeat. Men’s 2 lost 22-25.
In the second game, the team defended much better and Mantas was once again a strong presence in the front court. We kept Eagles on their toes until 23-23 but unfortunately lost the game 23-25. The matched ended 0:2. MVP was Mantas.

However, there was a lot of positives to be taken from this final match of the season. Men 2 has overtaken Farnborough Hawks on the league table following this victory. They hope to build on this strong finish and take it to the next season.

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Match results weekend of the 11th of March

What a great weekend for Junior U15 boys and NVL ladies winning all of their games ! What a weekend!

🖤 Juniors

Our Under 16 Boys played at the Volleyball England Grand Prix (GP) series 3 in Milton Keynes last Saturday. Boys did really well and won all of their games.

Grand Prix is a National competition that brings together some of the better junior volleyball players in the country. They played in Pool D playing against South Bucks, MK City and WHVC.

Reading Aces vs WHVC —> 2-0

Reading Aces vs South Bucks —> 2-0 and

Reading Aces vs MK city VC —> 2-0

Finished the GP 3-0 💪🏽🏐! Well done and so proud of our boys!

Please view the pictures here

❤️ NVL girls

Emotions after Sunday have not yet subsided! Our NVL team started this triangular journey facing Ashcombe Volleyball, who never provide an easy game 💪🏻

1⃣ 25:22 2️⃣ 25:14 3️⃣ 25:8

The Dorking ladies put on a lot of pressure since the beginning, but Aces found their rhythm and managed to control the game until the last point. Thanks to their strong serve and consistency in attack, our NVL squad won the match without dropping a set! Watch the full game here 🙌🏻

Congratulations to Denisa number 11 for her MVP!🏅

Go Aces! ❤️🖤

The match against Cambridge Volleyball Club – CVC (official) was an absolute delight to watch!

It could be described as the combination of the most beautiful things in volleyball: decisive serves, strong attacks, effective blocks, accurate passing… All of this displayed by both teams 🙌🏻🏐

1️⃣ 25-23 2️⃣ 19-25 3️⃣ 25-22 4️⃣ 17-25 5️⃣ 18-16

For our NVL team, it was a very important and a difficult match; they needed the victory! But also did Cambridge and they put on a big fight for every ball 🏐💥

Since the beginning, all points were thought of and played as if they were match point. Immense effort and quality volleyball was put into practice, resulting in a nerve-wracking tie break.

That last set was very close, but our NVL ladies managed to take the win home! 💪🤩

Everyone played phenomenally, but congratulations to Anastasia (aka Stassie) number 13 for her first MVP this season! 🏅

Reading Aces Cambridge game could be watched here

Go Aces ❤️🖤!


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Our Under 16 boys are in Grand Prix Tier 2

Good luck to our Reading Aces Under 16 boys playing in the Tier 2 Volleyball England Juniors Grand Prix Series held on Saturday, 11th of March at 3:30 pm in Milton Keynes.

It is a National competition that brings together some of the better junior volleyball players in the country. They will compete in Pool D playing against South Bucks, MK City and WHVC.

It looks to be a knockout competition where you accumulate points in 3 grand prix events, before the semi finals and finals are played between the teams with the most points.Capitalising on the junior volleyball surge that has been experienced across the country, the new-look U15, U16 and U18 national volleyball series have created a level of play that is ideal for new or inexperienced teams while also creating competitive playing opportunities for the country’s most talented junior athletes.

This new format is moving from knock-out cup style competitions that could see teams play just one match, into two tiers of Grand Prix-style events that will match teams against similar-level opposition throughout the season.

The inaugural Junior Grand Prix Series saw 2,245 players from 355 teams take part in 2021/22. This year promises to be another bumper one.

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Results Sunday 5th of March

We had just a few teams playing last Sunday and secured a few great wins!

❤️ Men 2

Reading Aces Men 2 faced a difficult round of fixture over the weekend and played against two of the top-three teams in the league.

For the first match against Oxford Uni Men, the match ended 0-2 with Aces Men 2 suffering an unfortunate defeat. In the first set, the team was not able to play to the best of their ability and made multiple unforced errors. While the initial stage of the game was closely contested at 5-5, Oxford Uni came up with a round of good serves and extended their lead to 5-16. Men 2 then picked up their fighting spirit and fought back, however, to no avail, the game ended in the favour of Oxford Uni. In the second set, it was a much better performance from the team. It was a tightly contested tug of war between both teams with Men 2 achieving game point first at 24-21. However, the team couldn’t hold their nerve and made a crucial error before conceding the match.

1️⃣ 17-25 2️⃣ 24-26 MVP was Mantas for securing multiple points with his gigantic blocks.

Second match was against Maidenhead Magnet, the top team of the league. Men 2 did not let the first defeat affect their morale and went on to secure a vital 2-0 victory. The team performed well in the first set with good receives which allowed William to set the team up for multiple nicely orchestrated attacks from wing players (Simon and Geoff) and middle blockers (Max and Mantas). A round of ace serves from Leo towards the end secured the first set. The team continued the run of their form into the second set. Carmel as the libero strengthened the team’s defensive capability against Maidenhead’s powerful spikes. The set ended just with 2 points difference in the favour of our Men 2.

1️⃣ 25-16 2️⃣ 25-23, MVP of the match was Carmel.

Men 2 hopes to carry on with their form into the last round of fixtures on 19 March.

🖤 Juniors A

Our first juniors team had a difficult game against Newbury. Overall it was a good game – first set was too easy and then couldn’t lift their game in the second set and unfortunately lost their focus, letting Newbury get the momentum and winning the game.

1️⃣ 20-25 2️⃣ 25-17 3️⃣ 15-7, MVP Gabriel, number 37

Second game against Basingstoke was an easy and convincing win for our youngsters in straight sets.

1️⃣ 25-17 2️⃣ 25-7, MVP Elizabeth, number 38

Well done to all the teams and congratulations for great games and wins!

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Juniors A are playing this Sunday the 5th not on the 12th of March

Please note game at Queen Mary’s College between Basingstoke – Reading Aces Juniors A – Newbury Juniors has been moved to this Sunday the 5th of March from 11:00 (not on the 12th of March).

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Fixtures 5th of March

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Results from Sunday the 26th of February

Great performance across thread teams last weekend.

❤️ Mixed 1 had a great performance just missing out on 2 wins!

Reading Aces Mixed 1 – Spikoes 1 —> 2-0
1️⃣ 25-14 2️⃣ 25-21, MVP Ram

Reading Aces Mixed 1 – Maidenhead Braywick—> 1-2
1️⃣ 16-25 2️⃣ 25-20 3️⃣ 14-16, MVP Jamie

🖤 Juniors B won an important win!

Reading Aces Juniors B – Newbury —> 1-2
1️⃣ 22:25 2️⃣ 25:23 3️⃣ 15:9

Reading Aces Juniors B – Basingstoke Lynx
—> 0 – 2
1️⃣ 11:25 2️⃣ 7:25

❤️ Mixed 2 still finding their rhythm and list in close sets in both games

Reading Aces Mixed 2 – Newbury Mixed
—> 0-2

Reading Aces Mixed 2 – Spikeopaths Mixed 2 —> 0-2

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Fixtures 26th of February

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